Termites can cause severe damage, as we all know. These tiny insects can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation and make your life miserable. These tiny insects are often overlooked by homeowners. They can also cause serious damage to your home and make it difficult for you to notice if there is a problem. Did you know termites attack millions of homes every year? Termites can be destructive and an inspection could help you save thousands of dollars or even your home. You don’t have to be a termite expert to know that they can travel on their own. These insects can destroy your entire wood structure within a matter of months. This is why it is becoming more important for homeowners to have regular inspections.

A termite inspection should be performed on your property each year in addition to your regular maintenance.

Why Do You Need Termite Inspection?

There are many types of termites, with the most common being dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood. Controlling termites is the best way to prevent them from invading your home. This is where an inspection is crucial. Although they are not easy to see, professionals can quickly identify if your home has termites. Many believe termites infest only homes made of wood, but this is not true. It doesn’t matter if you live in brick or stone, termites will eat any wood structure. Worst of all, termites can leave the exterior wood untreated after chewing through the interior structure. This makes it even more dangerous and makes them virtually invisible. Regular inspections are the only way to ensure your home is safe. The cost of termite damage to American homes is estimated at billions of dollars each year. Don’t let your home become a statistic like that.

Termite Inspection 101

Here’s what to expect during inspections. Inspectors will inspect the exterior of the structure for termite activity. You don’t need to worry about termites getting under your walls or floorboards. Termite activity will be identified, and you will receive some tips and a quote on how to treat it. Further, the inspection may be necessary if the true condition of an area within your structure cannot be determined right away.

Most people will say that termites aren’t an issue because they aren’t visible from the surface. Keep in mind that termites are active from the inside out. If there are visible signs of damage to your home, it is likely that the problem is deeper than you think. Regular termite inspections san antonio can help you protect your home.

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